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Category: Best Soccer Players

Top 10 Soccer Players of All Time

When we talk about soccer or football in the rest of the world, we realize that this is a game that is not only beautiful, but has also been able to get their own share of famous players across generations. Football has a lot of fans worldwide, and most of them have been able to create their own heroes based upon the styles of playing and the talent that the player has. We have compiled a list of the 10 best players of soccer from all time for you to have a glance at.

Can you name all these players?
  1. Pele: Widely considered as one of the greatest players in the history of soccer, Pele, the Brazilian legend has been able to change the game of football since his arrival in the international stage in the 1958 World Cup. He went on to win three world cups, and played in the position of forward and midfielder throughout his time in the football field.
  2. Maradona: This firebrand Argentine footballer is not only one of the most animated and among the best players in the football pitch, but happens to showcase a certain amount of style and passion when playing the game. However he has now been able to steadily get into the role of a manager and a coach on various clubs, until recently, he was contracted by a Dubai-based football club. However, his ruthlessness for Argentina was basically the thing that people liked most about him.
  3. Messi: Currently among the greats in soccer, Messi is definitely one of those complete footballers that has been playing for Barcelona and Argentina for a long time. He has been able to create his own place and his own legacy in the football field for his club as well as for his country.
  4. Zidane: Although more famous for his head butt, Zidane is one of the most famous attacking midfielders for the French national team. He also played for clubs such as Juventus and real Madrid and has been known for his wisdom of the game, sheer technique and elegance while playing the sbobet game.
  5. Ronaldo: This Brazilian legend is one of the most enigmatic footballers that you can find in the heydays of football. Having played as a forward for Brazil for the entirety of his playing career, is one of the greatest footballers as considered by fans and experts across the world.
  6. Ronaldinho: The wizard of soccer, Ronaldinho has been a player that was not only enigmatic, but was celebrated by his fans as well as his critics alike. He was the complete footballer that not only had a smile on his face, but also was renowned for his sheer passes and dribbling skills.
  7. Johan Cruyff: This Dutch footballer was also the inventor of total football concept, something which was unheard of in the footballing arena. This forward and midfielder was also the recipient of Ballon d’Or three times, something which showcases his knowledge of the game.
  8. France Beckenbauer: This German legend has been able to create an elegant style of his leadership and also displayed one of the best defensive skills in his role as a defender and the sweeper in the German team.
  9. Garrincha: The best dribbler in the footballing world, Garrincha was an enigmatic in Brazil, and continues to defy the essence of dribbling skills for people, even after leaving the game for quite a while.
  10. Xavi: This Spanish footballer has always been a silent workhorse in the midfield unit, and has been able to power Barcelona for quite a while. One can honestly say that this player is not only a legend, but has been a dedicated servant to the game of football.